Sep 28 2010

Storage and Discovery

One feature of the Toughbook Arbitrator 360° mobile surveillance system that Sgt. Todd Beam of the Lincoln Police Department enjoys is the 128GB Secure Digital High Capacity card. The Nebraska department's previous Arbitrator had a 16GB Panasonic P2 Card.

Beam says the portable and standard SDHC card provides a backup in case the video doesn't automatically upload. The drive for the card is locked down so officers can't tamper with or be accused of tampering with evidence. He also appreciates the fact that the system is built on solid-state technology, so there are no spinning hard drives to hike up support costs. "Solid state helps the equipment hold up longer and lowers failure rates," he says.

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And, speaking of storage, increased use of the surveillance systems brings the need for more people to sift through video more often, notes Chief Christopher Leusner of the Middle Township Police Department in New Jersey. He's now looking for a better way to handle discovery requests. "The amount of recorded video can add up quickly. Also, now that everyone knows we have this system, we have to make sure that we can access the video in a quick and efficient manner," he says.