Oct 22 2012

What to Expect from Windows 8 [Infographic]

Microsoft’s new operating system has big changes in store for users.

With Windows 8 being released October 26, there has been a lot of talk about the new interface and usability. This infographic by Frugal Dad fleshes out the system’s new OS programs and their advantages.

Windows 8 promises to have an easy-to-use interface. Windows 8 will have an apps system that is driven by the user interface. A few apps that developers have already had the chance to see include social networking apps, a cookbook app and an Xbox app. Many more apps will be available for download once the operating system goes live.

Another exciting addition to Windows 8 will be the SkyDrive, which is its new cloud system; each user gets 25 GB of storage per month at no cost.

Compared with Windows 7, Windows 8 will have faster startup time, download more frames per second and feature a Charms bar, which makes managing your settings and apps a lot faster.

Will you be updating to Windows 8?  

Windows 8 Infographic

This infographic originally appeared on Frugal Dad.