Why Law Enforcement Should Use Social Media [Infographic]

Citizen engagement and investigation are two reasons why police should be on Facebook and Twitter.

Can social media help police officers catch criminals?

According to this infographic by Accenture, law enforcement officials rely on one-way communication channels to inform their citizens about local crimes, such as newspapers, radio and television. But citizens believe police forces could benefit from using digital channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. Seventy-two percent of the citizens surveyed believe social media can help in investigating and catching criminals. 

Their demand for digital communication stems from a desire to be better informed about local crimes. Many citizens engage with their community and get information through social media. By becoming a vital part of those channels, police forces can become more involved in their community and call their citizens to action. In fact, 88 percent of citizens believe they can play an important role in crime prevention if they had better access to police forces. 

But citizens want police departments to use social media as an aid in law enforcement, not as a replacement for traditional methods. Fifty-one percent of citizens admitted they still want to see police officers on the street.

Would digital channels be valuable to your local law enforcement?

Law Enforcement and Social Media Infographic

This infographic originally appeared on Mashable.

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Oct 22 2012