Why Telework Makes $ense

Quantify the benefits of telecommuting initiatives with metrics.

Many states and localities, such as Fairfax County, Va., have long recognized the benefits of teleworking. In addition to boosting productivity and easing traffic congestion, organizations can reduce office space and improve their disaster-recovery readiness by having workers offsite.

The teleworkers enjoy many benefits, too: better work–life balance, improved morale and reduced traffic and carbon emissions, to name a few. They can also save money, as shown in CarInsurance.org’s infographic, via Mashable.

As Mashable notes, 8 out of 10 people say they would like to work from home. If your organization doesn’t currently offer telework programs, it’s time to give the idea some thought. GovLoop’s handy Telework Calculator can help employees make the case to managers by quantifying the payoff with some hard metrics: 

The calculator factors in the number of days per week you plan to telework, the round-trip miles driven a day, vehicle type, and commute time. It produces your annual total cost savings, annual hours of productivity saved and productivity in terms of dollars gained annual vehicle savings, and pounds of greenhouse gases saved.

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Oct 19 2012