5 Predictions for the Future of the Mobile Cloud [#Infographic]

Are mobile devices and cloud computing a match made in heaven?

Cloud computing and mobility could make a perfect couple. Users can access data and resources on their mobile devices from anywhere, and cloud-computing structures allow for scaling and cost-effective growth.

The infographic below suggests that “mobile devices will become a true extension of the desktop.” Increased functionality is evident in the latest iteration of iPhone, Android device and Windows Phone, but to truly extend the desktop, smartphones may actually have to get dumber. Thin clients, powered almost entirely by cloud access, could be more powerful than the mobile devices we are used to. By harnessing a connection to the cloud, devices could perform functions previously limited to much more powerful computers and be platform agnostic. Technology writer Maribel Lopez weighed in with a recent article on Forbes:

I also believe that we’ve entered the Mobile Cloud era (MOCLO). Mobile isn’t just an access method or a collection of cool devices. The move to mobile has created new operating systems (OS) for tablets and phones but will also change the OS for next generation laptops and desktops. In fact, this new foundation software will run across a wide range of connected devices that span phones to automobiles.

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Mobility and cloud computing are certainly an important part of our future. Check out the infographic below to see what Cisco thinks about the potential for these technologies.

Mobile Cloud Predictions

This infographic by Cisco originally appeared on Flickr.

Nov 14 2012