How Big Is All of the Data in the World? [#Infographic]

Putting data into perspective.

It would take about 60 billion smartphones to hold all of the world’s data. Those smartphones would weigh as much as 804 aircraft carriers. Get the picture?

Data is growing so fast that it’s creating a number of issues for IT workers. Big data, in particular, is eating up storage space and often cannot be analyzed by governments that could use the potentially valuable information buried inside. The challenge is not just the amount of data but also the speed with which it is being created:

Big Data is problematic for business because the size and velocity of the data makes it ineffective to work with traditional database management tools.

The problems include data capture from disparate and varied sources, fast changing schemas, storage, search, sharing, analytics, and visualization.

Yet the business value of working with Big Data sources include the ability to find hidden business trends, devise better marketing campaigns, capture financial risk, prevent diseases, fight crime and much more.

Read Big Data. How is it stored and analyzed? on Saffron Technology.

Cloud storage is also making it incredibly easy for users to upload and share massive files. This is the fuel that powers sites like YouTube, Facebook and Dropbox. To give you an idea of just how much data we are talking about, PC Wholesale created this infographic. It is enlightening and hints at the data tools we will need in the very near future.

Big Data Infographic

This infographic originally appeared on PC Wholesale.

Nov 27 2012