The Big Data Stress Test for IT Infrastructure [#Infographic]

Can the cloud support the weight of government data?

Now that every aspect of life is condensed into bytes and pixels, government IT professionals face the pressing issue of how to store and protect all of this data indefinitely.

Big Data has become synonymous with IT infrastructure challenges. There is a $26.5 billion loss in revenue during IT downtime each year. To save the budget, many IT managers have turned to cloud backup.

“The cloud is making access to infrastructure, platform and software as services available in a low-cost, effective way that was not imagined even 15 years ago,” State of Illinois CIO Sean Vinck told StateTech in the Winter 2013 issue.

Data recovery is paramount, but for some government agencies the cloud is a difficult pill to swallow. As StateTech reported in March, the government technology community has been slow to adopt the cloud backup system:

Because many governments run legacy technologies, it is not always cost effective to move operations into the cloud. If those applications and services are hosted locally, IT loses control of performance. This issue stands in the way of nearly every service that governments consider moving, and it has slowed the move to the cloud. By preparing as many services to move as they can, they will future-proof much of their technology.

The infographic below outlines more trends in online backup and illustrates where Big Data is heading.

Cloud Storage Infographic

This infographic originally appeared on Backblaze.

Jun 14 2013