5 Videos from NASCIO 2013 That Offer Perspective for State and Local IT Leaders

13 IT leaders explain the ongoing challenges and extraordinary opportunities presented by technology.

What makes state and local government IT leaders tick?

That's what StateTech editors Matt McLaughlin and Amy Schurr wanted to know when they headed to NASCIO's 2013 conference. Over the course of three days, they interviewed 13 CIOs and IT decision-makers from 10 different states (and one U.S. territory). These IT leaders expressed a range of concerns, from shrinking budgets to slow procurement processes. While each faces unique challenges, they also recognize the unprecedented ability of technology like cloud computing and Big Data to streamline government while delivering better services.

Here are five videos from the conference that provide an excellent perspective of the current state of IT in state and local government.

CIOs: What's Your Biggest IT Challenge?

"You're basically at war with the enemy -- the cyberenemy -- every single day." — Samuel Nixon of Virginia

How States Overcome Cloud Challenges

"It's at least as hard to buy something in government as it is to build it." — Michael Cockrill of Washington

Using Big Data to Improve Government

"Information is becoming the most critical asset that we have, and as a CIO, as an IT organization, we really need to be good stewards of that information." — Bill Oates of Boston

Reaping the Benefits of the Cloud

"Security, reliability — they can then focus on other stuff that is more business-oriented or core function-oriented." — Reuben Molloy of the U.S. Virgin Islands

States Search for Ways to Foster Innovation

"Agencies can foster innovation in a number of different ways. I think the first thing is that you have to create that culture." — Joe Deklinski of Pennsylvania

Oct 16 2013