Jan 08 2014

The UTOPIA Network Offers a Glimpse into the Future of Broadband Infrastructure

Cities in Utah have some of the country’s fastest, most affordable Internet.

Faster Internet is in high demand these days. And although Google helped bring the fiber conversation to the masses, there are numerous efforts to bring superfast broadband to cities all across America. But, while commercial Internet service providers (ISPs) are driving most fiber projects, some community efforts are offering a more citizen-driven approach.

The Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency, or UTOPIA, is a perfect example. The organization essentially sells its network wholesale to local ISPs and offers direct connections for both residential and business customers. Cities that want access to the network chip in for the infrastructure build-out. The result is that ISPs are forced to compete, keeping costs low for very fast speeds.

According to its website, UTOPIA is helping citizens get speeds of 1 gigabit per second for as little as $65 per month. In addition, the fiber networks allow for parallel speeds. This means that uploading, traditionally slower than downloading, can be just as fast.

Here is a bit more information from the UTOPIA website:

UTOPIA is fiber optic infrastructure that utilizes light to transfer information, making it the fastest communication technology on the planet. Most current networks operate on copper wire infrastructure that limits the speed and amount of information that can be transferred. But with UTOPIA you can reach speeds 200 times faster than your current connection.

UTOPIA also allows you to choose your own service providers, so your options are not limited to just one provider. The connection to your home is also yours alone, meaning that when using UTOPIA’s infrastructure, you never lose speed through a shared connection with other homes or businesses. UTOPIA is the next step in communication technology.

Not only does UTOPIA deliver at blistering speeds, but our network is also built for extremely high volume. UTOPIA can provide a minimum of at least 10Mbps connection to every home and up to 10Gbps connection to businesses. These connection speeds are base speeds that can increase according to individual needs.

What is your city doing to ensure fast Internet for all citizens? Let us know in the Comments.

David Crowther/iStock/Thinkstock