A Mobile Strategy Guide for Local Governments

State and local governments should determine their mobility strategy now.

Today’s state and local governments recognize the importance of anytime, anywhere computing to provide critical citizen services. But empowering mobile workers requires far more than simply handing them a smartphone or tablet. Developing a mobility strategy requires a well-thought-out portfolio of policies, solutions and services.

CDW’s Technology Insights app can help public-sector agencies forge a path toward mobility. It currently features Total Mobility Management, an interactive guide that covers the five critical steps of mobility management in depth:

  • Plan
  • Enable
  • Protect
  • Support
  • Empower

With bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives sprouting up in all levels of government, the guide offers special insight on crafting an effective mobile device policy. It covers a range of topics, including what types of workers can benefit most from such programs and for whom a supplied device may be most appropriate. It serves as a convenient resource for IT leaders of all experience levels, from those now exploring the development of an effective mobile device policy to those looking to better empower employees through custom apps and procurement pages.

Public-sector IT leaders also are ever mindful of their budgets, which is where CDW’s Total Mobility Management services come in. The e-guide takes users through the full complement of available services, from provisioning to configuration to ongoing monitoring. Self-service portals can be established to streamline support and optimize expenses through better negotiation of wireless rate plans, while app stores can help agencies distribute public-facing and internal government apps.

Download the Total Mobility Management guide today to discover how to empower mobile employees with the enterprise apps, collaboration tools and storefronts they need to provide transformative services to the public.

The CDW Tech Insights App is available on the following devices:

Apr 01 2014