Jul 23 2014

Business Intelligence Is Everyone's Business

New CDW Tech Insights app helps government IT pros discover the benefits BI can bring to their organizations.

Public sector IT leaders are excited about the potential of business intelligence technologies to transform government operations by improving services to constituents.

Unlike the business intelligence of old, modern BI toolsets sport feature- and function-rich user interfaces and powerful processors to put analytical capabilities within reach of a broader user base. Whether state or local government workers consider themselves to be dabblers or data hounds, CDW’s new Business Intelligence guide, available through the Technology Insights app, can get them up to speed quickly on today’s BI technologies.

This latest edition covers everything from assessment to rollout to ongoing support, offering resources and help along the way. To tailor information to the appropriate knowledge and experience level, the assets are categorized for three distinct audiences: Apprentice, Early Adopter and Expert. Readers will discover more on the latest BI software, including extract, transform, load tools; reporting analytics; data warehouses; and the hardware needed to support BI.

Given many agencies’ cloud-first strategies, this latest edition of Tech Insights also will help IT leaders to explore various BI cloud solutions, including Software as a Service options that offer an affordable way to pilot the technology. Large enterprises may find hybrid cloud models better suited to their organization.

Government leaders will be particularly interested in the many ways of applying BI to their agencies. For instance, BI solutions that analyze social media sentiment with real-time monitoring and notification could help a city get ahead of an issue or quickly respond to solve constituent problems. Predictive analytics can place public-safety workers in the most dangerous neighborhoods. Specialized BI tools can comb through Big Data to isolate suspicious activity and detect welfare fraud, and counties can use BI to boost revenue collection on delinquent property taxes.

For more help at all phases of BI implementation, download CDW’s Technology Insights App on the following devices:

• iOS: Apple App Store

• Android: Google Play


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