Sep 06 2023
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Review: Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro Gives Everyone a Seat at the Conference Table

State and local agencies can ensure smooth and secure collaboration with this full conferencing system.

Most state and local governments quickly embraced remote work during the pandemic, and many retain strong and productive hybrid workforces where some employees come into the office a few days a week while others are always remote. The Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro platform can bring all of those people together as easily as if they were sitting around the same table.

And in my testing, that goal was not very difficult to achieve over multiple meetings and collaboration sessions.

Be Seen and Heard with Bandwidth Optimization

When connected to video and audio hardware, the platform does a great job of enhancing individual feeds and optimizing bandwidth so that everyone can be seen and heard. This was true even when some people were using professional conferencing equipment in a dedicated environment while others where just doing the best they could with a laptop camera and a standard headset. And because of robust data loss prevention technology, there were very few issues with lag, even when some participants used slower networks to connect.

In fact, I hosted over two dozen meetings using the Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro platform, and they were all highly professional, with AI-powered features ensuring there were no technical hiccups.

Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro


Connect Securely with MFA

Beyond basic meeting functionality, the variety of Teams video layouts enables optimized configurations for different kinds of meetings, from full collaboration sessions where everyone participates to those with an expert speaker sharing detailed slides and videos with a group.

Collaboration is great in government, but only when it can be done securely. Sometimes agencies need to meet to talk about sensitive issues before sharing them with the public, so the ability to restrict access only to authorized personnel is paramount. The Teams Rooms platform achieves this using multifactor authentication for participant logins and end-to-end encryption of all data, audio and video feeds once a meeting is established.

Leverage Integrated Benefits

It’s also extremely easy to manage meeting scheduling, invites, planning and participant tracking right from the platform. A government agency could also set up communication channels so that public meetings follow certain presets while private collaboration sessions are automatically configured differently.

As a final advantage for agency users, Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro seamlessly integrates with the complete Office 365 application suite. That means sharing Word, Excel and PowerPoint files is effortless. The tools open up and are available for collaboration during meetings whenever they are needed.

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PRODUCT TYPE: Meeting planning and collaboration tool
PRODUCT LINE: Microsoft Teams
MODEL: Rooms professional version with enhanced management
LICENSE TYPE: Subscription


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