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Best Practices

Call Control

Heed the lessons learned from Broome County's migration from Centrex to VoIP.

Best Practices

Guide to Green

Public-sector IT leaders share five strategies for moving toward energy-efficient computing.

Tech Tips

AppLocker Advice

Learn how to best employ this Windows feature to lock down desktops.

Product Review

Centralized Management

The NComputing L300 kit easily connects monitors to a host over Ethernet.

Tech Trends

In Touch with the iPad

Local governments discover useful implementations for the Apple device.

Case Study

Talk of the Town

Municipal utility deploys VoIP to enhance call features while reducing monthly phone bills.

Tech Watch

360-Degree View

Toughbook Arbitrator 360┬░ helps police trim legal fees and improve law enforcement.

Tech Watch

Less Than Zero

Zero clients tout durability, manageability and flexibility.



All Aboard

The nation's transit IT leaders join forces to tackle tough challenges.


Smart Spending

Governments find better ways to do more with less by sticking to IT projects that promise a quick payoff.


Wake Up from Your IT Nightmares

Technology problems can be downright terrifying, but IT managers cope by conjuring up solutions.


Streamlining EMS

Rugged mobile devices speed and improve patient care while helping emergency teams reduce their reliance on paper.