Longtime state employee Stephanie Dedmon knows how best to improve her state’s IT operations.
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Security Save

Low-Hanging Fruit

Educating employees and managing patches can go a long way toward making government agencies a less appealing target.

Tech Trends

Complete Visibility

State and local agencies find an effective solution for security and visibility in software-defined networking.

IT Futurist

Blockchain of Events

States are increasingly integrating plans for the distributed open ledger into their tech strategies.

Tech Tips

Keep the Beat

Keep Windows 10 devices up to date with these notable best practices.

Get Smart

To Have and to Hold

Deploying containers when it makes sense to do so can produce big benefits for agencies eyeing the cloud.

Product Review

Mobile Warrior

And an attractive aluminum case contains all the features needed for a busy government worker.

Product Review

Bridging the Miles

The Logitech Rally videoconferencing system supports remote presentations painlessly and intuitively.



Seeing Is Believing

Putting data and info on a big screen facilitates rapid decision-making from operations centers to legislative chambers.


Smart City on the Edge

Cities lacking 5G power or seeking to save on bandwidth turn to edge computing solutions to put data in action.


Hyperconverged Speed

Among the advantages of powerful hyperconverged infrastructure appliances for state and local agencies: speedy hard drives that deliver quickly when required.


Cloud Cover

Consolidating data centers provides redundancy and cost reductions for agencies, IT officials say.


The Mobile Medic

Mobile devices help technicians render medical care, track cases and capture photos and videos.


Letter From the Editor

Centralization vs. Distribution

Depending on what state and local governments seek to do with their data, they may pursue centralized or distributed IT resources.

Contributor Column

New Attitude

A fresh operating model championed by NASCIO emphasizes transparency in costs and communications.

Contributor Column

Big Data Challenges

By breaking down silos and embracing emerging technology, government can put data to work.