Continuous monitoring played a key role in securing office environments with no physical perimeters.
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Fact or Fallacy

Broadband for All

State and local governments keep fighting to close the digital divide.


A Modern Man

The local government official seizes opportunities to improve government business processes.

IT Futurist

Reveal Only What’s Required

Technology to authenticate electronic identification is becoming widely available.

Tech Tips

Build to Order

Municipalities should evaluate hardware, design and staffing requirements.


Get the Ball Rolling

Artificial intelligence can quickly expand citizen services if governments avoid potential pitfalls.

Product Review

A Fierce Firewall

Government branch offices can benefit from this fully remotely managed, high-volume appliance.

Product Review

Talking the Talk

The speech recognition platform, specialized for first responders, produces efficient documentation.

Security Save

Hot Properties

To defend against cyberattacks, state and local governments should survey all IT systems, including those in the cloud.



SOAR Higher

State and local agencies engage bundled SOCaaS or individual services, such as security information and event management or security orchestration, automation and response.


Civil Discourse

Pandemic-driven digital transformation sparks more digital dialogue between citizens and local governments.


Richer Ways to Communicate

A large number of networking devices can make use of the dedicated first responder spectrum.


The Human Touch

Local governments have eased recruiting, onboarding and other activities via the cloud.


From the Editor

Sound Reasons for Good Faith

As more agencies accelerate cloud adoption, they gain comfort with providers’ cybersecurity measures.

Contributor Column

Shoulder to Shoulder

Small, iterative projects can solve some of government’s biggest challenges.

Contributor Column

Trust and Transformation

Faced with digitalization demands, CISOs require help from partners who know the score.