Oct 23 2018

NASCIO 2018: Why Cybersecurity Is of Paramount Concern to Minnesota

The state of Minnesota has had a contentious debate over how much money to allocate for cybersecurity. Yet Johanna Clyborne, Minnesota commissioner and CIO, says that both sides of the aisle should get behind such funding because attackers do not care about party affiliation. Phishing attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and that demands stronger defenses, in both user training and technology. 

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    Johanna Clyborne, Commissioner and CIO, State of Minnesota 

Video Highlights

  • Cybersecurity is a priority that politicians of all stripes should embrace, even if there are disagreements over how it gets funded. 
  • Malicious actors are more sophisticated than ever and are launching phishing campaigns that can fool even users who have received cyberhygiene training. 
  • Minnesota has a robust user training program for government employees but must balance that with technology solutions.