Oct 15 2019

NASCIO 2019: The Seldomly Asked Questions About Ransomware

Ransomware is not going away as a cybersecurity threat for state and local governments. In fact, it’s only growing more sophisticated, as the coordinated attack in Texas in August demonstrated. Yet there are still blind spots when it comes to ransomware. We surveyed IT leaders at the NASCIO 2019 annual conference for their views on the SAQs of ransomware — the seldomly asked questions. These are the questions that often don’t get asked, but should. 

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    Kentucky CIO Chuck Grindle 

    Texas CIO Todd Kimbriel 

    Chris DeRusha, Michigan Chief Security Officer

    Maria Thompson, North Carolina Chief Risk and Security Officer

Video Highlights

  • Often, state IT leaders overlook the fact that state employees and their liabilities are the largest sources of vulnerability when it comes to ransomware. 
  • States need to ensure that they have coordinated with their state operations center to respond to a cyberattack. 
  • IT leaders need to discuss their policies on how they will respond if they suffer a ransomware attack, and how they will use their cybersecurity insurance.