Oct 30 2023

NASCIO 2023: CIOs Work to Accelerate Digital Transformation

State governments accelerated digital transformation during the pandemic. As CIOs chart a course forward, what is on the horizon for digital transformation? How are they harnessing new and refreshed technologies to enhance citizen services? And what more can CIOs do to create a smooth experience for their constituents? Minnesota CIO Tarek Tomes and Ohio CIO Katrina Flory share their perspectives.

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    Tarek Tomes, CIO, Minnesota

    Katrina Flory, CIO, Ohio

Video Highlights

  • Generative AI and large language models can create more robust customer service tools to assist citizens.
  • Chatbots can help citizens navigate state websites and access relevant resources more easily.
  • States can get feedback from citizens to help inform their digital transformation roadmaps.