Mar 18 2014

Palmer Library Gives Residents Virtual Access to the World

In partnership with C/W MARS, the Palmer Public Library in Massachusetts is changing the way communities interact with libraries.


    • Margaret White, patron, Palmer Public Library
    • Dorene Miller, director, Palmer Public Library
    • Charlie Blanchard, town manager, Palmer, Mass.
    • Anne Savoie, systems and networking supervisor, C/W MARS
    • Brad A. Sperry, volunteer/ESL tutor, Top Floor Learning

Video Highlights

  • The Palmer Public Library is using technology to transform itself from a book repository to a community center.
  • Library Director Dorene Miller turned to C/W MARS, a 167-member library consortium, for help with IT upgrades.
  • C/W MARS helped Palmer achieve 802.11n compliance using Cisco access points, routers and switches.