Dec 11 2019

State IT Leaders' Top Tech Priorities for 2020

The end of the year is fast approaching and 2020 is right around the corner. What do state CIOs plan to tackle in the new year? We spoke with a range of state IT leaders to get an early sense of what their plans look like. Some are focusing on basic blocking and tackling, such as Ohio CIO Ervan Rodgers' priority to get remaining agencies into the state's consolidated data center. Massachusetts CIO Curtis Wood hopes the state legislature will authorize $600 million in funding to modernize cybersecurity and digital services. North Carolina CIO Eric Boyette is interested in using blockchain to help with the state's identity management. North Dakota CIO Shawn Riley is focused on new artificial intelligence platforms to help automate state government services. 

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    Curtis Wood, CIO, Massachusetts  

    Ervan Rodgers, CIO, Ohio 

    Eric Boyette, CIO, North Carolina

    Shawn Riley, CIO, North Dakota 

Video Highlights

  • Ohio will focus on going from "cloud first" to "cloud smart" with cloud security in place. The state wants to create a Cloud Center of Excellence to streamline migration. 
  • North Carolina wants to update its identity management solutions so that residents can more easily get access to government services with a single ID. 
  • North Dakota aims to automate 20 percent of state government via artificial intelligence.