Oct 30 2019

What States Are Doing to Secure the 2020 Election

With 2020 political campaigns in full swing, the conversion of election security has again come to the fore. How are state IT leaders working with their state governments to help secure voting systems ahead of the 2020 elections? In many cases, they are amping up earlier efforts by coordinating with federal and local officials, patching software, protecting voter registration systems with two-factor authentication, and taking other measures. We spoke with IT leaders at the NASCIO 2019 annual conference about the steps they are taking to keep next election safe from cyberthreats. 

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    Chuck Grindle, CIO, Kentucky  

    Chris DeRusha, Chief Security Officer, Michigan

    Curtis Wood, CIO, Massachusetts  

Video Highlights

  • State officials are coordinating with a wide range of officials at all levels of government to monitor traffic related to election and voting data. 
  • States like Michigan are using multifactor authentication for voter registration systems, and are considering managed security services.
  • Information sharing and analysis, as well as education and security awareness training, will be key.