Report Paints Compelling Case for IT Reinvestment

Agencies should funnel savings gained through server virtualization to other technologies that drive efficiencies.

States and localities have coped with declining revenue not by cutting services, programs or personnel but by deploying technologies to drive operational efficiencies.

According to “The Efficient Agency,” a new report from CDW•G, organizations are tapping technologies such as server virtualization, document management, storage virtualization and cloud computing to save money. Respondents have reaped returns ranging from 135 percent to 269 percent, which could be funneled into additional IT efficiency projects.

“Agencies have a solid case for reinvesting their savings in technology solutions that drive further savings and operational efficiencies,” says David Hutchins, director of state and local government for CDW•G. “The invest, save and reinvest cycle should help agencies conserve limited IT dollars.”

Conducted between October and November 2011, the survey is based on responses from 303 state and local government IT professionals.

A full 93 percent of organizations have already implemented server virtualization, followed by document management, storage virtualization and cloud computing. If implemented separately, those projects would cost an agency more than $1.1 million, compared to less than $400,000 if the project savings were used to fund reinvestment.

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Mar 07 2012