8 Facts About the Golden State’s IT Environment

In California, tech fosters accessibility and efficiency.

California is home to close to 37 million residents and represents the largest economy in the United States. IT plays a prominent role in the state’s operation.

Here are some basic facts about the state’s technology:
Nearly 45 percent: Reduction in state-owned data center square footage over the past two years
More than 130: State agency CIOs
Almost 200,000: Number of state e-mail boxes
More than 65: Number of current IT projects with more than $5.1 billion in value
More than 8,000: Number of statewide IT employees
1,422: Number of IT employees trained in California's Project Management Methodology
23: Number of major IT projects completed in Fiscal Year 2010–2011
7,000: Number of air miles of state-owned microwave paths
To learn more about California’s IT environment, read the StateTech interview with Carlos Ramos, Secretary of the California Technology Agency.

Jun 21 2012