Jan 15 2013

20 State and Local Government Technology Infographics

The scale of technology and data used to be hard to visualize. Not anymore.

For local governments, technology represents both an opportunity and a challenge. Cloud computing, big data and mobile apps are examples of new technologies that are likely to benefit city, county and state governments if they can wrap their minds around the innovations. It can be difficult for the general public, and often government employees, to understand and appreciate the value of innovation. Enter infographics.

Infographics have been all the rage in the technology community for the past few years. Why? Because technology is changing so rapidly and growing so quickly that it has become nearly impossible to comprehend the scale. When technology becomes overwhelming, infographics help us visualize and process huge amounts of information. At StateTech, we also turn to infographics, and they have been extremely popular with our readers.

<p>Image courtesy of renjith krishnan / <a href="http://www.freedigitalphotos.net" target="_blank">FreeDigitalPhotos.net</a></p>