Apr 13 2015

Review: Simplified Client Security With the Citrix XenMobile 10

Mobile device management software upgrade makes it easier to secure clients.

Citrix has long offered mobile device management software in cloud and on-premises versions. The latest version, XenMobile 10, offers some welcome enhancements to the user experience and security. IT managers purchase the management software, and users download client pieces from the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores to protect their mobile devices.

After users download the client to their mobile device, they next need to enroll the mobile device with their email address. They can then set up protected containers for handling work-related email, documents and other apps using a series of Worx apps from Citrix. These add mobile-oriented usability improvements, such as swiping instead of clicking on links.

XenMobile 10 provides users with a self-service portal for tracking, locking and wiping lost or stolen devices. Previously, workers had to rely on someone from IT to handle these tasks. A single consolidated management console also eases the administrative burden — previous versions had multiple servers and consoles to juggle.

Once users authenticate themselves and enroll their first device, they can add as many devices as they’re permitted by corporate policy. This is helpful because the IT department doesn’t need any additional workflow, setup or policies.

IT managers have dozens of reports to choose from, with customized data ranges that can be displayed on screen, printed or exported in a variety of formats, including SAP Crystal Reports, Acrobat, Microsoft Word or comma-separated values.

The new version supports multi­factor and risk-based authentication for applications using RSA Adaptive Authentication, on top of existing support for Symantec Validation and ID Protection Service. This spares users from having to remember long password strings while benefiting from strong authentication methods.

Finally, the XenMobile upgrade better integrates with Microsoft Exchange. The software consolidates smartphone and Outlook-based contacts and also works with calendars and email. It resembles a native mobile app and enables users to dial phone numbers and conference bridge passcodes with a single tap.

Citrix XenMobile 10 Specs

Processor: Intel 3GHz Xeon or 1.8GHz AMD Opteron
Client OS: Android (v.4 or later), iOS (v.6 or later), Windows Mobile v.8
Server: Windows Server 2008 R2 or 2012, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or 2012
Memory: 4GB
Storage: 500MB
CDW•G Price: $50 per device or $65 per user with unlimited devices
Customizable: A series of app-centric policies can place apps in secure containers
Sharable: Improved security better protects a cloud-based file repository
Diverse: XenMobile comes in three different software bundles


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