Oct 07 2015

NASCIO Shows Support for CoSA’s Electronic Records Day

The organization will observe E-Records Day through Oct. 10.

The Council of State Archivists (CoSA) established Electronic Records Day four years ago to highlight the significance of digital records to state agencies, professional organizations and the public at large. To give the celebration an additional push, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) announced that it will also recognize the day on Oct. 10.

Part of NASCIO’s mission is promoting the benefits of information management, so E-Records Day is well aligned with its principles.

“The generation of digital data and creation of digital records in government continues to increase at an astounding rate,” NASCIO executive director Doug Robinson said in a press release. “We all must recognize the importance of managing and preserving records in this modern format which promotes greater accessibility of information for the public.”

According to CoSA, the fourth E-Records Day will stress how essential the management of electronic information is to government operations. NASCIO has been observing E-Records Day since Monday, and will continue to do so through Oct. 10.

More information about Electronic Records Day (including advice on handling digital records) can be found here.

Council of State Archivists