Jan 21 2016

A Bright Idea: New LED Streetlights and Wi-Fi in Plainville, Conn.

Connecticut town replaces high-pressure sodium streetlights with new LED fixtures, and some include Wi-Fi.

The town of Plainville, Conn., recently swapped out high-pressure sodium streetlights for 1,424 light-emitting diode fixtures to slash energy consumption. Of the new LED lights, 123 will offer a little something extra: chips that provide Wi-Fi hotspot technology.

The Hartford Courant reports that the town elected to bring free Wi-Fi service to selected retail and commercial areas. Plainville will pay $3,700 yearly for the Internet service, which will be offset by an estimated $75,000 in annual electricity and maintenance savings from the new energy-efficient streetlights. Town Manager Robert Lee said Plainville seeks advertisers for the network to fund the operational costs, according to the Record-Journal.