Florida IT Agency Narrowly Avoids Reorganization

The agency will remain funded and in control of state IT, and is looking to expand its authority further.

Florida’s Agency for State Technology (AST) recently came under scrutiny as a House bill aimed to terminate the existing agency and transfer the state’s IT leadership to the Department of Management Services. The bill would also create a Florida Cybersecurity Task Force.

Despite the threat of reorganization, the AST maintains funding and authority through the next fiscal year, Government Technology reports. A new deal regarding the AST will expand its authority slightly as well as allow the state’s chief information officer to appoint a chief data officer, as well as create a geographic information office

“I think we are most excited that the agency will not be reorganized," AST spokesperson Erin Choy told Government Technology. "We have time now in the next fiscal year to continue the improvements that were started when the agency was just created two short years ago."

May 08 2017