May 16 2017

Virginia Launches New Autonomous Systems Center

The commonwealth is looking to emerge as the leader in unmanned systems, growing both jobs and technologies.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is looking to capitalize on the flourishing unmanned systems industry by establishing a new Autonomous Systems Center of Excellence in the state.

“The autonomous systems industry is one of the cornerstones of the new Virginia economy,” said Gov. McAuliffe in a statement. “With the establishment of the Autonomous Systems Center of Excellence, we will send a clear message that Virginia is open for unmanned systems business. Over the past three years, we’ve made tremendous progress to support this emerging industry, and we’ll continue our efforts to cut red tape and open the door for further growth.”

Gov. McAuliffe has made it clear that he’s looking to make Virginia a hub for technology and autonomous systems, including driverless vehicles.

““The next most exciting thing for us are not only autonomous vehicles, but I want to be the leader of drones,” said McAuliffe, touting advancements in drone technology, including delivery of the first burrito package via drone at Virginia Tech, in partnership with Google’s Project Wing, during a recent workshop on autonomous vehicles hosted by the Secretary of Transportation, StateTech reports. “Also because of our naval assets — largest naval base in the world — huge opportunity undersea for all of the autonomous things we do,” he added, referring to the Norfolk Naval Station.

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