Aug 31 2022

Review: Government Workers Can Go Online Anywhere with Cradlepoint IBR900-600M

This wireless router can withstand extreme temperatures and shocks to remain connected.

County and state workers may have to conduct business at far-flung outposts where there is no reliable broadband internet, or perhaps within their vehicles as they visit remote locations. But those places don’t have to be unproductive dead zones. The Cradlepoint IBR900-600M wireless router can use a cellular signal to connect those workers and their devices to the internet, to online services or to their office networks.

As long as there is cellular service in an area, the IBR900 can keep devices connected.

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Just How Compact and Tough Is This Router?

The wireless router is small and weighs less than 1 pound, yet it is ruggedized against all the typical hazards many remote devices face. That includes shock, which is basically being dropped or otherwise impacted by something; and it includes vibration, which is important in vehicles, especially when driving on unpaved roads.

The router is also protected against extremes in temperatures. It can function without fail at anywhere between minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 158 degrees F.


The Cradlepoint Router Is Device-Friendly

Device setup was extremely easy. The router can be connected to a standard electrical outlet or the power supply in a vehicle. On the cellular side, it can use any LTE-based network signal. And it has four antennas that allow it to provide reliable 802.11ac wireless connectivity for about 100 feet or so around the device, using the new wave 2 technology to manage bandwidth for multiple users or applications.

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From a user perspective, once it’s configured, using the Cradlepoint router is little different from connecting with any other router or access point, even if it is being used from within a vehicle. And thanks to the wave 2 technology, it can also easily be managed and used as a hub for multiple Internet of Things or other devices.

As long as there is cellular service in an area, the IBR900 can keep devices connected.”

Your Connection Will Be Fast and Readily Available

For example, it can be set up in a remote outpost or building without wired internet access, ensuring that all IoT devices, such as sensors or security cameras stationed there, can constantly report their findings. With a maximum throughput of 600 megabits per second, the router has more than enough bandwidth to serve an army of IoT devices and still provide connectivity for the occasional human visitor.

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The Cradlepoint IBR900-600M wireless router is a great choice for connecting remote state government assets to the internet, as well as providing internet access for workers in their cars or work trucks. It’s easy to set up and maintain, and provides fast and reliable connectivity from almost anywhere.



Product Type: Wireless cellular router
Connectivity: Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11ac wave 2 wireless connectivity
Max Cellular Transfer Rate: 600Mbps
Security: WPA2 Enterprise encryption
Dimensions: 4.5x4.6x1.2 inches
Weight: 14 ounces

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