Sep 01 2022

Review: Fujitsu fi-8170 Is Ideal for High-Volume Document Retention

This scanner provides great image quality backed by industry-leading reliability.

From collected tax records to processed licenses, state and local governments need to gather and store a multitude of documents, and many of those records need to be kept for years, if not forever.

States, for example, often have requirements that specify records series commonly found in local government offices, provide an assessment of their value and indicate when (or if) those records can be destroyed. Such rules are intended to assist employees of local government agencies when managing records in their offices, but those records can number in the hundreds or thousands, if not more.

The task of digitizing paper documents for long-term storage — and to make them more easily searchable — is simply impossible without a large fleet of easy-to-use digital scanners to help state and local governments retain, process and preserve records. Few scanners can handle the volume that some agencies require, but one I recently reviewed, the Fujitsu fi-8170, is ideally suited for the task. 

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Fujitsu fi-8170 Provides Superior Scanning with Easy Use

The Fujitsu fi-8170 offers superior image quality, easy feeding procedures and the industry-leading reliability that has come to be associated with Fujitsu scanning products. It’s also one of the speediest scanners in its class, able to batch scan up to 70 single-page documents per minute loaded into its 80-sheet input tray. 

Measuring 11.8 by 6.7 by 6.4 inches and weighing a little under 9 pounds, the scanner is small enough to fit on any desk as a personal unit, although with its speed and features it can also work as a shared unit for a medium-sized workgroup.

Fujitsu specs


Scanner Deftly Handles Variety of Documents for Preservation

When testing scanners, receipt scanning is one process that is always heavily scrutinized for quality. The ink used to print receipts is problematic for many scanners because it’s often very light. And because paper receipts are not designed for longevity, they can smear and fade quickly. When I loaded some poor-quality receipts into the Fujitsu fi-8170, it was able to fully decipher them using optical character recognition while preventing them from degrading further. 

Other types of documents were also perfectly captured. Where many scanners have around 30 color settings, this latest Fujitsu has 4,913. In all cases, the Fujitsu fi-8170 captured even very fine details that were part of submitted documents, including photographs.

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Max Scan Resolution: 1200 dpi
Top Scanning Speed: 70 pages per minute
Max Doc Scanning Size: 8.5x14 inches
Connectivity: USB or network cable
Dimensions: 11.8x6.7x6.4 inches
Weight: 8.82 pounds

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