Jul 05 2023
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Review: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Can Help Governments Serve Their Communities

The readily deployed customer relationship management tool boosts citizen interaction and streamlines internal processes.

In business, customer service and relationship management can mean the difference between bringing in new clients and losing revenue. But state and local governments traditionally do not have to worry about loss of business, as citizens can’t go anywhere else for permits, licenses, or access to key government services and information.

But states and cities want to keep their constituents happy. Thankfully, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available to help tie millions of data points and services together, track and evaluate interactions, and generally help states quickly ramp up and improve how they interact with their constituents or customers.

How the Right Tools Enhance Citizen Interactions

The Dynamics 365 platform is an entire suite of tools, so states can start small and expand as needed, or jump into a full-scale digital transformation. And because it’s deployed as a service, it can be installed immediately to begin collecting and analyzing data in all its forms, within a single day.

The star feature of Dynamics is its ability to improve customer interactions. At the most basic level, Dynamics can watch as government customers navigate websites and applications, timing how long each interaction takes, watching for bottlenecks and examining drop-off rates versus how many people got whatever service or information they needed. It can then help to streamline those interactions, checking later to see how much time is being saved with every new change and monitoring for new efficiencies.

Microsoft Dynamic 365

The Importance of Streamlining Processes

At a higher level, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can streamline internal staff processes and interactions, helping to ensure that employees are not wasting time searching for or using the tools they need to conduct government business. Advanced features include the ability to deploy and manage artificial intelligence in the form of chatbots. So, for example, a city, state or county could fully automate its 311 information services, with Dynamics making sure that callers or online visitors get everything they need quickly.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers state governments a powerful toolset to capture insights, drive efficiencies, improve user experiences and generally help government agencies transform from legacy dinosaurs to efficient, businesslike organizations that their constituents will appreciate.

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PRODUCT TYPE: Customer relationship management tool
CONNECTED APPS: Works with data from almost any public or private application, database, IoT network, cloud application and more
CLOUD-READY: Native with Microsoft Azure, also functions in other clouds
LICENSE: License per seat or user


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