Sep 19 2023

Review: Simplify With SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability

This easy-to-understand platform fully tracks and optimizes elements within complex environments.

Many state governments are in various phases of digital transformation projects, with some legacy applications served by on-premises equipment while others move to hybrid clouds. And, it’s entirely possible that a single state or local government, especially one with a more federated IT environment, might even employ multiple cloud providers and different cloud types.

All of that freedom is great for getting the best deals on infrastructure, but it can make for a very complex computing environment consisting of different types of clouds, assets and dependencies. The SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability platform is designed to map it all out — displaying it visually so that IT staffers can easily understand how their entire enterprise network is performing — and to optimize connections by troubleshooting problems or bottlenecks.

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What Makes SolarWinds Complex, Yet Simple?

For such a feature-rich platform, SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability is surprisingly easy to use. Right from the start, the platform is able to find both on-premises and cloud-based assets such as servers and databases, mapping their interdependence with very little user configuration needed.

Once that initial process completes, the SolarWinds platform displays an easy-to-understand visual interface that turns raw network data into a colorful command center. At a glance, the dashboard makes it easy to see how a network is performing in real time.

For example, the interface will show how many users are currently connected and interacting with every asset a state government owns, how many assets have completed recent backups, the total uptime percentages for the network and how individual assets are performing. It can even track how many performance issues have been reported or highlight which have not yet been fixed or addressed by the IT staff.

SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability


SolarWinds Creates a Rich And Knowledgeable Experience

But SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability is much more than just a pretty interface. For one, it’s possible to drill deep into network operations to monitor the performance of individual assets. Armed with such a wealth of details, knowledgeable IT teams can get to work optimizing the performance of assets and networks both — and the SolarWinds platform can even help out with that.

By incorporating powerful artificial intelligence that evaluates performance alone and in relation to historical trends, the SolarWinds platform can generate an alert and provide suggested remediation options if something seems amiss. This ensures that the enterprise it’s monitoring runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, even as new assets are brought online. 


PRODUCT TYPE: Cloud and enterprise asset observability platform
SUPPORTED ASSETS: Onsite and cloud servers, applications, physical or virtual hosts, databases, virtualized devices, networks, network paths and SD-WANs
VIRTUALIZATION: Realtime performance dashboards alongside historical asset tracking
USER INTERFACE: Top-level performance stats at a glance with the ability to drill down
LICENSE: Annual per node for unlimited expandability options

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