Jan 09 2024

NASCIO Releases ‘AI Blueprint’ for State Agencies

Local governments also have prioritized generative artificial intelligence in 2024.

For the first time in the history of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers, artificial intelligence landed on its annual list of top 10 policy and technology priorities identified by state CIOs.

AI, machine learning and robotic process automation took No. 3 on the list of 2024 State CIO Top 10 Priorities, which NASCIO published in December. Around the same time, NASCIO published a report intended to assist state governments in development of AI roadmaps.

The report, “Your AI Blueprint: 12 Key Considerations as States Develop Their Artificial Intelligence Roadmaps,” lists 12 essential considerations for state governments to incorporate into their AI plans.

“As AI becomes increasingly integrated into the technology infrastructure of government agencies, an AI roadmap will emerge as an indispensable tool for states in the months and years ahead. An AI roadmap not only facilitates the seamless adoption of AI but also enhances efficiency for an already strained state government workforce,” notes the NASCIO report.

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12 AI Considerations for State Governments

The 12 considerations identified by NASCIO are:

  1. Align AI initiatives to strategic drives for the organization.
  2. Establish AI governance and oversight processes.
  3. Inventory and document existing AI applications.
  4. Address data quality and sourcing.
  5. Collaborate with AI stakeholders and industry partners.
  6. Assess privacy and cybersecurity risks of AI adoption.
  7. Assess the current state of technology infrastructure.
  8. Create AI acquisition and development guidelines.
  9. Identify potential AI uses cases.
  10. Expand AI workforce expertise and training.
  11. Create guidelines for responsible AI use, ethics and transparency.
  12. Measure success of AI initiatives and communicate effectively.

The AI report references state executive orders on AI from New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin. It also links to state generative AI policies from Kansas, New Jersey, South Dakota, Utah and Washington state.

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PTI Survey Flags AI as Local Government Priority

Local governments also anticipate generative AI to change the way they do business in 2024.

In September, the Public Technology Institute published a survey of local government IT executives, AI in Local Government IT. According to the survey, “58% of responding IT executives believe AI will bring dramatic change to local government operations and service delivery over the next three years.”

The survey also found that 38 percent of IT officials say that their IT departments already are involved in AI projects. And 85 percent say they need better training to understand AI implications.

PTI recommends that local government IT executives lead AI discussions with business partners and citizens and institute AI training and information sharing. Like NASCIO, PTI urges local agencies to develop AI policies for their organizations and their communities while developing guidelines for AI exploration and implementation.

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