Apr 18 2024

Transformational Government Changes How Agencies Do Business

States, counties and cities are fulfilling the needs of citizens when they need help.

With recent developments in technology, state and local agencies have experienced an acceleration in transformational government. At its heart, transformational government seeks to meet citizens where they are with services on demand. The days of traveling to a physical government office to perform mundane tasks are receding into history, and residents today may discover they can do as much if not more from their laptops and phones.

CIOs have revolutionized services by breaking down data silos and sharing data across domains, and that’s just the beginning. Tech leaders can optimize and modernize legacy systems to meet demands and increase citizen satisfaction.

In 2001, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers defined digital government as “the electronic delivery of public services via the Internet” in a groundbreaking report that argued for transformation in support of services that are simple to use, easily accessible and unified across agencies. That is still the goal today for transformational government, and state and local agencies have made significant strides in achieving it.

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Examples of Transformational Government in Action

Like many state labor agencies, the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services was overwhelmed when the pandemic closed workplaces in 2020, and unemployment claims surged. Wyoming DWS eventually transformed its unemployment insurance system with Microsoft Azure, producing a scalable, nimble system that is capable of meeting citizen demands.

The county of Sonoma, Calif., uses solutions from IBM and Microsoft to help at-risk youth avoid homelessness. The county powers a smartphone app for its successful Accessing Coordinated Care and Empowering Self-Sufficiency program to help them obtain services and organize resources.

The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services improved child welfare services by adopting Amazon Web Services cloud and AWS Connect, streamlining operations and strengthening access to vital government assistance.

These powerful stories show that the age of transformational government has truly arrived, and state and local agencies are meeting the moment.

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