When it comes to IT security, it's better to be more cautious than overconfident.
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Best Practices

Operating With a License

Software asset management strategies ensure organizations use their applications effectively and purchase the right number.

Exit Interview

David Litchliter

CIO and executive director of IT, state of Mississippi

Product Review

Printing in the Cloud

The HP LaserJet CM4540 multifunction printer can be accessed from virtually any computing device.

Product Review

Mighty Morpher

The Barracuda Networks NG Firewall F400 demonstrates extreme versatility.

Case Study

Line of Sight

The Oregon Department of Transportation relies on the latest digital tools to provide survey data amid concern about growing traffic.

Tech Trends

No Pain, Big Gain

Ergonomic adjustments create a more comfortable and productive workforce.

Tech Trends

Double Duty

All-in-one computers blend the minimalism of notebooks with the full functionality of desktops.

Tech Watch

Fashion Forward

Wearable computers might soon be an option for state and local field workers.

Strategy and Innovation

Spanning the Miles

Spotlight on Unified Communications



Pushing the Boundaries

As wireless network security, management and quality levels soar, agencies discover powerful new ways to fulfill their missions.


Efficiency Experts

Simplified desktop administration leaves IT departments enamored of client virtualization.


All Eyes On Deck

By modernizing its surveillance system, the East Fishkill Police Department keeps closer tabs on its surroundings.


Smart IT

A Shift to Cloud

Public-sector agencies aren't missing out on the move toward cloud computing.