Cloud implementations offer latest features at reduced cost.

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Strategy and Innovation

Collaboration on the Go

How the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is leveraging unified communications.

Product Review

Not Just a Pretty Face

Enterprise tablet proves adept for note taking.

Product Review

Contortion Artist

This server delivers easy configuration and management.


Ira Levy

CIO Ira Levy discusses fiber rollout and data center overhaul.

Best Practices

Clearing a Path Through the Forest

Government IT leaders share lessons learned in centralizing and overseeing this core asset.

Tech Watch

Another Dimension

Localities tap 3D printers to spur innovation.

Tech Tips

Back in Time

Heed these tips to prevent snapshots of virtual machines from growing out of control.

Best Practices

Sharing Is Caring

State leaders share advice for working beyond borders.

Tech Trends

Shedding Light on E-Readers

Devices find specialized audiences outside of libraries.

Tech Trends

Unified Strategy

Early adopters benefit from reduced hardware needs and greater agility.



Easing into the Cloud

A strategic move to cloud-based collaboration tools will keep your end-users happy and productive.


Continuous Monitoring

The Toughbook Arbitrator system stores searchable footage for quick access.


Follow as Prescribed

Experts share lessons learned from deploying server virtualization.


Letter From the Editor

An Informed First Response

Real-time crime centers and emergency operations centers rely heavily on data.

Smart IT

Defensive Posture

Governments should look to proactive security practices to guard against targeted attacks.

Contributor Column

Looking Under the Hood

Put the power to renew licenses and registration online into the hands of the people.

Contributor Column

A Smarter Way to Buy

Government and vendors alike describe current contracting processes as slow and expensive.