Modernizing data centers with converged infrastructure solutions yields new efficiencies.

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Tech Insights

Environmental Factors

Using remote monitoring software to ensure conditions are favorable in the server room.

Product Review

True Detective

The threat prevention appliance stops attackers in their tracks.

Product Review

Backup Plan

Software offers near-continuous protection of virtual machines.

CIO Interview

An Empire Project

New York embarks on a major IT transformation to better serve its citizens.

Tech Trends

Broadcast News

Low-cost Bluetooth networks offer efficiency and engagement.


Risk Versus Reward

Policies can cover the financial burden of an incident response.

Tech Tips

Prelude to Disaster

Take these steps to develop a successful continuity of operations plan.



A look at security concerns, as well as the quick way to address them.


One Step Ahead

We talk with security leaders at our StateTech Cybersecurity Summit to unearth hands-on ways to make protecting data and systems a collaborative effort.


Mobile ticketing alleviates stress for customers and agencies alike.


Who You Gonna Call?

Local governments invest in new IT to improve emergency and nonemergency communications.


Ride On

Data pinpoints on-time performance and aids in future planning.


Physically Fit

Governments deploy an array of technologies to keep intruders out.


Letter From the Editor

Crowdsourcing Security

Find out how state and local CISOs are staying ahead of threats.

Smart IT

Tailored Program

The program seeks to raise the bar for public sector IT leaders.

Smart IT

Capacity Gains

How 802.11ac is helping organizations meet mobile user demands.