Project management tools and chat-based solutions bring workers together to tackle the novel coronavirus and other emergencies.
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Technology Quarterback

Washington, D.C., CTO Lindsey Parker works with a large interagency team across jurisdictions to deliver services for her constituents.

Product Review

Speeding Into the Future

The ubiquitous software platform optimizes remote work and is changing how we think of the office.

Product Review

Meeting Magic

Pairing one of the best conference room cameras with a high-performance audio system makes for meeting magic.


Make Video Calls Count

For government officials, frequent chats via camera has become the norm, and everyone should get the most out of them.

IT Futurist

Securing the Internet of Things

A federated learning model offers new possibilities for keeping information collected from the Internet of Things anonymous and private.

Tech Tips

Total Control

Amazon Web Services provides managed services and more to ease government deployment of cloud resources.

Get Smart

Go with the Flow

Integration Platform as a Service acts as a hub, connecting multiple applications and their data and applying business rules and logic to link them together.



All Things Considered

From hotspots to GoPros, communities find a new world of lending at the library of things.


The Big Picture

The municipality upgraded its emergency operations center, resulting in rapid improvements.


Cloud to the Rescue

Chat and video tools help firefighters and others respond quickly and safely.


Demand and Supply

Local CIOs fielded devices to students to facilitate remote learning during the coronavirus crisis.


Letter From the Editor

Thoughtful Governance

In a year when state and local governments adopted more collaboration tools and placed more services online, the result may be an increased human touch.

Contributor Column

Handle with Care

Municipalities can take smaller steps to improve the health of communities.

Contributor Column

Room to Grow

Agencies must go back to basics to grow digital government.