Whether working remotely or expanding operations, city call centers have adapted to meet the demands of their environment.
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A Modern Foundation

What kind of infrastructure is needed to support the creation of modern digital government services?

Product Review

Sounds Like a Winner

Popular privacy hardware supports comfort and collaboration while working on the move.

Get Smart

Sharp Relief

Agencies can use a breakthrough in federal funding for cloud-based infrastructure and tools for hybrid work.

Product Review

A Knack for Security

The platform adds zero-trust elements to cloud deployments.

IT Futurist

Virtual Double

Gwinnett County, Ga., tested a digital twin to monitor sensors for water plant leaks.


Knowledge Is Power

A thorough penetration test is a critical step in any security strategy. Here’s what every agency should learn from one.

Security Save

Uncovering Achilles’ Heel

State and local governments seeking resources can turn to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for assistance.

Tech Tips

Close to the Vest

Federal guidance can help agencies implement a fresh approach to security.



Balancing Act

City and county governments deployed software and hardware to boost application and website performance during the pandemic.


The Open Road

The large public safety agency equips police with new mobility solutions to foster greater transparency and safety.


A Stitch in Time

A comprehensive evaluation can help government organizations mitigate risks.


Master the Disaster

Agencies look to cloud-based backup to maintain critical citizen services.


Letter From the Editor

Modernizing for Accessibility

Agencies should embrace innovations in computing, networking and storage to support constituents.

Contributor Column

Convergence Power

IT departments must embrace responsibility for physical security.

Contributor Column

The Modernization Imperative

Many governments still rely on legacy mainframes, which are holding them back now more than ever.