Oct 15 2019

NASCIO 2019: Customer Relationship Management Takes Center Stage

Today, state CIOs are not just brokers of IT services; they are also customer relationship managers. They need to understand how the state agencies they serve are using technology and want to modernize their IT to achieve their missions. State IT leaders surveyed at the NASCIO 2019 annual conference in Nashville, Tenn., discussed the importance of CRM and how they are working with agency customers to improve services for their residents. 

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    North Carolina Deputy CIO Tracy Doaks

    Michigan CTO Jack Harris

    Massachusetts CIO Curtis Wood

    Colorado CIO Theresa Szczurek 

    Kentucky CIO Chuck Grindle 

Video Highlights

  • State CIOs need to market IT services to state agencies and need to develop and maintain close relationships to do so effectively. 
  • Establishing and building trust is critical to the relationship between IT leaders and state agencies. 
  • CRM has allowed state CIOs to communicate better to agency customers about the services that the IT department offers.