Aug 08 2023

Coral Gables Integrates AI into Chatbots

The Florida city aims to leverage OpenAI’s ChatGPT to make its chatbots smarter.

In an effort to bolster its smart city capabilities, officials in Coral Gables, Fla., are implementing ChatGPT in the city’s existing Artificial Intelligence Digital Assistant chatbots.

The AIDA chatbots were created by the Coral Gables Innovation and Technology Department for the Coral Gables Smart City Hub, an open data platform. 

According to GCN, the goal of the ChatGPT implementation is to make chatbot responses better by making them smarter, which will happen when OpenAI leverages information in AIDA’s files and updates the chatbot’s data sets to make sure they’re working with the most current data.

AIDA’s files are written in YAML, a programming language that, Red Hat says, is used for writing configuration files and is designed to be easy to read. 

While Coral Gables officials aim for AIDA to be a tool for the public, they’re also reportedly working on creating chatbots for internal use to help government employees.

The new technology builds on other recent modernization efforts in Coral Gables, including a publicly accessible digital twin, established with the help of Amazon Web Services, that allows users to explore the city through an interactive satellite map by consolidating all smart city data into one platform.

Coral Gables also announced the development of a mobile digital experience platform, also powered by AWS , that incorporates augmented reality similar to an AR gaming app that superimposes characters and objects onto real-world surroundings.


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