Virtual desktops ease management and reduce energy consumption.
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Carole Post

Carole Post discusses the city’s IT consolidation, licensing and broadband initiatives.

Best Practices

Easing the Load

Follow this advice to smooth the consolidation process and obtain the most value.

Tech Tips

Squeeze Play

Follow these pointers for achieving maximum efficiency from your storage system.

Best Practices

Messages in the Cloud

Governments have chosen to save money and ease support by moving to Microsoft cloud services. Here’s how several handled the implementation.

Best Practices

Acing Asset Management

Follow these pointers to save money on software licensing.

Strategy and Innovation

Hit the Sandbox

Discover the numbers behind client virtualization.

Product Review

Sending Security to the Cloud

Software as a service option blocks threats without degrading performance.

Tech Watch

Rise of the Machines

M2M networks enables intelligent data-driven decisions.

Tech Tips

Management Mode

Follow these data management pointers for a successful consolidation project.

Product Review

Shrink to Grow

The storage array supports primary storage deduplication and snapshots.



What About Cloud Security?

State and local government IT pros discuss their cloud security concerns.


On the Lookout

See where local governments are using surveillance to monitor the surroundings.


Extended Reach

Tools reduce costs and improve service delivery for state and local agencies.


Cross-Boundary Collaboration

To pay for new IT projects, organizations work with their state and local neighbors.


Better Broadband

Long-Term Evolution is the standard for a national network.


Real-Time Response

State and local public-safety agencies will soon deploy Long-Term Evolution.


Speed It Up

Governments upgrade their networks to handle advanced applications.


Letter From the Editor

Shared Goals

Jurisdictions stretch resources by collaborating across boundaries.

Smart IT

When Two Isn’t Better Than One

Spreading the wealth in IT makes a big difference in efficiency.

Contributor Column

Cross-Sourcing IT Help

County saves jobs by dispatching workers to other agencies.

Contributor Column

Don't Shortchange IT Alignment

Chesterfield County aims to align IT projects with its goals.