The Georgia Dome deployed a Wi-Fi network that lets fans browse the web on smartphones, view replays and communicate via social media.

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Strategy and Innovation

Security Starts at Home

Technology controls include awareness and mobile device management.

Product Review

Permission Granted

Identity management tool provides single sign-on to apps.

Product Review

Form and Function

This affordable tablet, priced for consumers, finds a home in the workplace.

Tech Watch

Solid Choice

Experts weigh in on where they may offer the most traction.

Tech Tips

Plan Now for 802.11ac

Take these steps to get ready for new enterprise gear on the way later in the year.

Best Practices

Ready and Waiting

Get ready to enjoy the new features of Microsoft’s collaboration platform.

Tech Trends

The Paperless Office

Agencies implement digital signage and imaging to reduce consumption.

Tech Watch

Hands Off

Technology offers many potential uses in government from field work to medicine.


Vicki Irey

Working for Overland Park, Kan., since 1978, Vicki Irey has seen the shift from mainframes to server virtualization.



The Calm After the Storm

Municipalities relied on wireless technology and radios to maintain operations following the storm.


Interactive Experience

Departments deploy projectors, whiteboards and streaming video to boost interactivity and engagement.


Power Struggles

Organizations upgrade UPS gear in the data center to keep IT systems running.


Bringing Up BYOD

Agencies craft policy and deploy technology to integrate employee-owned devices into the workplace.


Letter From the Editor

A Big Win

Spectators enjoy robust wireless connectivity throughout the arena.

Contributor Column

Tearing Down the Walls

Massport official explains why convergence can improve efficiency.

Smart IT

Keeping Pace in a Mobile World

IT departments examine security, Wi-Fi and app development to accommodate modern-day needs.

Contributor Column

Rewards and Recognition

Motivate staff by acknowledging their achievements publicly.