One size does not fit all, especially for remote workers. Learn how local governments are capitalizing on the decreasing cost of mobile devices.

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Best Practices

Catering to Guests

Site caters to mobile visitors who use smartphones and tablets.

Case Study

Ticket Master

Handheld computers and summonsing app boost accuracy of citations.


Lea Deesing

CIO Lea Deesing details how tech aids economic development, service to citizens.

Tech Tips

Take Inventory

Try these techniques for discovering hardware and software resources.

Product Review

Presto Change-o

This Windows 8 convertible tablet provides a true enterprise computing machine.

Tech Trends

Small Is the New Tall

The Lenovo ThinkCentre packs power and performance into a small footprint.

Strategy and Innovation

Streamlined Passwords

Consolidating passwords with a web-based tool also benefits security.

Tech Watch

Intelligent Observation

Smart cameras and analytics can pinpoint suspicious behavior and deter crime.



Safety Measures

Mobile devices, barcode scanners and wearable cameras are put to innovative use in agencies around the country.


The End Is Near

It’s not too late to learn from others and move to a modern, secure operating system.


The Underlying Infrastructure

Agencies find that targeted applications offering Wi-Fi to citizens provide a needed service, especially today when most people look at wireless as a basic utility.


Behind the Scenes

The First Responder Network Authority has plenty of challenges to overcome before the network can be put to work.


The Future of FirstNet

As planners nail down the details for FirstNet, they can take inspiration from early deployments.


Smart IT

Avoiding Dark Clouds

Enterprise-grade solutions enable mobility and disaster recovery.