Communities invest in intelligent infrastructure to improve everything from transportation to conservation.

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Strategy and Innovation

In or Out

StateTech compiles the most important news, tips and social trends impacting government IT today.

Tech Watch

Drones Take Flight

Public-safety agencies deploy unmanned aerial vehicles to photograph crime scenes, accidents or disasters.

Best Practices

Run the Numbers

A CIO shares his time-tested techniques for making the case for every needed dollar.

Best Practices

All-Flash/Hybrid Arrays

See how the two storage choices compare and where they might work best.

Tech Tips

Call Security

Heed these pointers to prevent and remove the pesky ads from mobile devices.

Tech Trends

Twice as Nice

Governments find that two-factor authentication offers both security and more efficient access to data.

Tech Tips

Take It Outside

Deploying an outdoor wireless LAN requires some special considerations.

Product Review

Contortion Artist

This convertible ultrabook is a great presentation tool.

Product Review

Efficiency Expert

Chassis houses up to 14 servers and a fully redundant system.

Tech Watch

Charged Up

Magnetic resonance technology can make it more convenient to power mobile devices.



Security Blueprint

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence aims to further standards-based solutions.


Citizens as the Solution

Innovative apps and portals help localities transform service delivery.


Cyber Watchdogs

Divisions connect government, businesses, infrastructure and law enforcement to stay ahead of evolving threats.


Power Supplied

This equipment proves key to maintaining uptime in the data center.


Letter From the Editor

State of State

A fresh look and fresh content make the magazine (and soon, its website) even more engaging for readers.

Smart IT

Power Supplied

First responders rely on a range of technologies for situational awareness.

Contributor Column

The Case for Openness

OpenFlow interface promotes interoperability and eliminates vendor lock-in.