The Cowboy State earned its pioneer status by venturing out into the Google Apps ecosystem before others.

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Product Review

Fit to Print

Enhanced extruder improves accuracy and speeds the print job.

Product Review

Crowd Pleaser

Built-in security and handy tools mobilize government workers of every skill level.

Tech Tips

Shape Shifter

Learn how to gain a PC-like experience with a smartphone.

Security Save

Poisoned Apple

With attacks on the rise, raise your guard against malware infecting iOS and OS X devices.

Get Smart

Reality Check

Learn how to determine what type of environments are best suited to hyperconvergence.

IT Futurist

Charging Ahead

Solid-state batteries offer multiple improvements over lithium-ion.



Think Outside the Budget

While funding remains relatively flat, agencies in Long Beach, Calif., New Jersey and the city of Boston have managed to modernize their IT systems through the use of grants.


Wi-Fi Rides the Rails

Public-transit agencies deploy wireless networks on trains to satisfy rider demands and support business operations in the future.


Attracting More Than Bookworms

Across the country, public libraries are remaking themselves into cutting-edge facilities that advance digital literacy.


Tear Down This Wall

North Carolina, Maine and Maricopa County multiply returns by pairing collaborative technology with open, multipurpose workspaces.


5 Smart Strategies

IT leaders from Texas to Pennsylvania share lessons learned for deploying robust and expansive wireless networks.


From the Editor

How We Work

State and local governments are focused on forging a culture of collaboration that is key to attracting and retaining top talent.

Inside I.T.

Mobile Readiness

Security and mobile device management play a starring role in workplace transformation.

Contributor Column

Equal Opportunities

The city of angels improved the gender diversity of its tech team by partnering with nonprofits and city leadership.