States have improved the health of populations far from advanced medical centers with telepresence solutions.
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Get Smart

Building a data dashboard requires careful use of data and statistics, and knowledge of the audience for them.

Lessons Learned

First Call

The local sheriff's department shares its experience with the FirstNet dedicated public safety broadband network.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

Theresa Szczurek brings rich private-sector experience to her job.

Tech Tips

Taking Stock

Adopting an inventory software package can prove troublesome, but managers can ease the burden.

Security Save

Inherent Security

With extended support for Windows 7 ending in 2020, state and local officials should upgrade to the latest OS promptly.

IT Futurist

Sleeping Giants

Cities will be able to more granularly prioritize different applications and services using network slicing technology.

Product Review

Smart Chat

State and local government agencies can reach out to remote employees and distant offices with clarity and security.

Product Review

Jack of All Trades

State and local offices will enjoy the ease and versatility of using the Canon LX-MU500 for internal or external meetings.



License to Thrive

States, counties, and cities have put applications online to save time and increase transparency.


Fancy Fieldwork

Public safety and fire personnel tout the capabilities of small, intuitive mobile terminals that provide support wherever their jobs take them.


Escape from Ransomware

Agencies fully recover from attacks with tested recovery tools.


Taking It Offsite

Local governments sidestep disasters at their primary sites by backing up data in remote locations.


Letter From the Editor

Budget for Success

A lack of dedicated funding could stymie efforts to protect government networks.

Contributor Column

Knowing Is Half the Battle

Many local agencies lack a cybersecurity strategy, but they should start a dialogue to devise one.

Contributor Column

Rethink IT Acquisition

Government agencies need to reimagine how they procure technology and embrace more agile approaches.