Find out how Aurora, Colorado Springs and Reno have used technology to address residents’ urgent needs and lay the foundation for the future.
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Vigilant Cyber Inspector

CTO Tod Huber bolstered his county’s cyber defenses with an expert evaluation by CDW.

Get Smart

In with the New

Protecting operational technology in smart cities requires new avenues for assessing risk.

Security Save

Expanding Sightlines

Solutions provide states with insights into timeliness, visibility and understanding of cybersecurity activity.

Product Review

Share and Share Alike

This robust virtualization solution reduces the cost and complexity of traditional storage.

Product Review

Everyone Counts

The application is an elegant addition to facility surveillance cameras.

IT Futurist

Provisioning on Demand

Using Infrastructure as Code helped boost reliability and security for the New York City Cyber Command.



Coralling Clouds

Cloud checks may identify the best mix of computing resources for the public sector.


Assistance from a Distance

In the face of COVID-19, governments have moved ahead with IT projects — securing help along the way.


Court TV

The coronavirus crisis forced judicial systems across the country to fast-track video solutions to enable remote proceedings.


Standing By in Real Time

Centralized command centers provide greater insights into public safety challenges.


Letter From the Editor

Smart Tools for Public Health

With public safety applications, municipalities have the potential to contain the coronavirus and boost public health.

Contributor Column

The Great Pivot

The challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic has revised priorities for state and local IT agencies.

Contributor Column

Remote Help Wanted

As sustained telework continues among government agencies, officials can capitalize on a distributed workforce.