Local governments find that maintaining continuity of operations requires infrastructure upgrades.
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Security Save

The Fast Track

Creating a plan goes a long way toward protecting governments from cyberattacks.

Fact or Fallacy

Hostage Negotiation

State and local governments can improve their understanding of ransomware with these basic details.

Tech Tips

Silent Partners

Although not as glamorous as Teams, these four applications have a lot to offer government collaborators.


Seasoned Collaborator

The recently promoted Ohio CIO has 10 years of experience in resolving IT challenges throughout her state.

Tech Tips

Ensure authorized access by assessing foundational elements, establishing controls and operationalizing the program.


Mobilize the Enterprise

Take careful steps when enrolling agency devices into unified endpoint management.

Product Review

Creature Comforts

This powerful peripheral remains comfortable and fast, even while on the go.

Product Review

Wander Willfully

As a laptop, tablet or smartphone, this device can provide an Android platform in any environment.



Going Places

Local and state governments installed free wireless hotspots during the pandemic.


Three Cheers for HCI

Municipalities deploy HCI solutions to expand storage, compute and networking on demand.


Crunch Time

Large numbers of applicants required new means of processing benefits.


Calling Al Cars

First responders adopt solutions to improve management of municipal cars and trucks.


Letter From the Editor

Opportunity Knocks

Government operations during the pandemic have demonstrated the power of digital services, and municipalities have a great opportunity to build.

Contributor Column

Relationships Matter

Agencies gain holistically as they evolve beyond customer relationship management.

Contributor Column

Now You See It

Automation can help catalog and defend operational and information technology.